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Our Academics

Here at P.S.195, we prioritize core academics and STEM. Here, you can read more about our curriculum.

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Our school utilizes MyView Literacy as its core ELA curriculum. The program encompasses foundational skills, reading comprehension, fluency, vocabulary, spelling and writing through thematic units of study. Formative and summative assessments, in addition to problem based learning tasks allow us to monitor student progress, and provide real world application of skills.



Writing units in MyView incorporate the reading curriculum and narrative, informational and opinion writing.  Students are immersed in diverse reading selections that serve as mentor texts to guide them during the writing process.  Every writing unit produces a final piece of writing reflective of the unit of study.  

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Grades pre-k through 5 use enVision Math. EnVision math is a curriculum that uses problem-based learning where students are required to think critically about real world math problems using various math strategies methods and practices to to arrive at solutions. Students are taught to articulate their mathematical process as well as apply critical thinking skills when solving problems.

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We are a STEM School!  Students conduct hands-on experiments, incorporating technology and thinking skills to have an enriched and enjoyable science experience.

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Physical Education

The physical education program at P.S 195 is designed to give the students the desire to lead a physically active lifestyle, the tools and ability to lead such a lifestyle, and the joy that comes with being physically active. Through various exercises, games and activities, the students will have the opportunity to improve their overall health and wellness, while having A LOT of fun with their classmates. 

Information Technology


Here at P.S. 195, we are committed to giving students a meaningful experience in technology. Our youngest students to our oldest students will learn to code.  Starting with color codes in the early grades, and leading up to block coding for grades 3-5.

Our students learn to code Kibos, Ozobots, Wonder Dash Robots, Spheros and complete activities in Hour of Code throughout the year.

 Grades 3-5 also learn how to create a storyboard, use a greenscreen and cameras, create their own movie trailer, and build sets out of Legos to create their own stop motion Lego animated  movies.

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